Extra virgin olive oil panna cotta

The olive oil made panna cotta is a very simple recipe to prepare and with which a very surprising result is obtained. It is a panna cotta made with yogurt, and it is not only sweet in taste but also the touch of olive oil along with the bitter orange make it taste exquisite, nothing intense. It is the perfect dessert for a special meal.



600ml of whipping cream

60 g of sugar


6 gelatin sheets

500 g Greek yogurt natural

100 ml extra virgin olive oil (picual variety)

Bitter Orange Marmalade



Put the gelatin sheets in water in order to hydrate. Meanwhile, to heat the cream in a saucepan and add the sugar and vanilla stirring with a whisk. Once it is hot but still not boiling, add the gelatin and stir all. When everything is mixed, save it for later.

In a large bowl add the yogurt, and gradually mix the extra virgin olive oil picual variety with a whisk, which will easily be mixed. Then add the cream that was reserved little by little too, stirring it. Pour the mixture into the glasses we already have prepared for it. Cover with film paper on top and when it has been cooled to room temperature we will leave it in the fridge. Ideal would be one day in the fridge, but with a few hours is also enough.

When serving, we will put a couple of tablespoons of bitter marmalade on top.


The result is a delicious dessert. The mixture of olive oil with jam and yogurt is very unique but it is very rich in flavor and fine in its presentation too.

We hope you liked it as much as we did. The recipe has been found on the web of “Cocinando entre olivos”, but we have made some modification to make it look like an authentic panna cotta.