About us

The project was born in the mill and then it reached out to Germany. Since the beginning, we are aware of the competition it exists in the extra virgin Olive oil market. It is due to the global spread of the influence, on many occasions, caused by the expansion of other Olive oil exporters, that it is not well-know that Spain is the first world Olive oil producer. To branch out is the first reason that moves us to sell our product and also because we are sons of farmers members of an Oliver picker´s cooperative, and we are actually aware of the importance of selling for our own this very healthy product we make. In particular, we started telling people around us to know how they can value the result of a well-done work of our region making it worth.

Our Extra virgin Olive oil comes from an Agricultural Cooperative located in southern Spain, in Alcalá la Real, and it has been operational since 1964. It is a field workers society that began as a mill to provide its members. The type of olive is called “picual”, from which we get a piquant flavor that is suitable for sauteing as well as for salads or pasta… adding its character to the culinary makings.

With the new bottling machine, the fruit juice goes directly from the fields to the table because we are making all the processes by ourselves. We deliver the Extra virgin olive oil from the origin avoiding other derivatives distributional problems that can result from excessive handling, guaranteeing this precious nourishment to reach the client intact.



Since we were growing up nearby the cooperative, we had had in mind to do our utmost to export this quality product to the world, keeping in mind that a healthy lifestyle should be accessible to everybody. That is why we have 5 L bottles format. Although if you only want to taste it or maybe to make a perfect present, the 500 ml format might be your choice.

The expiry date ought also to be under consideration. Better within 18 months to be consumed after the collection approximately. And it is recommended too not to expose it to direct light or to locate it in a place where sudden temperature changes occur. You can maintain your olive oil with all the intact properties just following this easy advice.


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Extra virgin olive oil is the natural juice gotten by pressing the best quality olives harvested at the right date of maturation. After that, it is took to the cooperative. It is a 100% natural product, in other words not a mixture, and mostly of olives are the picual type. It fulfills maximal standards of hygiene guarantees, both in the production and in the distribution. The Spanish sanitary registration is under the code 16.00909/J.

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